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This model uses a Vashon V-1/2 motor. The parachute tube is a 3-inch Vashon aluminum tube, and the nose is custom-turned balsa. The fins are 1/16-inch aircraft plywood (scaled up from the Estes Mosquito fin planform). The model incorporates the same construction methods and modifications used in my Valkyrie-2b model.

In Norse mythology, Vithofnir is the cock that will crow to warn the giants when it's time for Ragnarok, the battle at the end of the world. My brother John is fond of both Norse mythology and chickens, and he suggested this as a possible name. Vithofnir is red, so that fit in well with the red color I use for most of my Vashon rockets' fins and nose cones.

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Page last updated February 5, 2007