Mission to Minmus

My Mun landing rocket from version 0.17 no longer opens in version 0.18 (file format incompatible), so I rebuilt it in 0.18 and then flew to the Mun again, this time with Jebediah Kerman as the astronaut (the bat-shit-crazy one). The rocket does not handle as easily in 0.18 as it did in 0.17. The landing and return were successful. No exciting stone arches or anything this time.

So I sent the next flight off to Minmus, a small, icy moon further out that the Mun. It is also in a slightly inclined orbit, so I had to do some orbit inclination shifting to get there and back again. Minmus is not in the free version.

Here is the spaceship skimming low over Minmus. This is actually after I took off from Minmus. The area I landed in was much smoother than this terrain.

Jebediah doing his EVA on Minmus. The gravity is very low, so they run in cool long strides (waddly as they my be).

The gravity is so low that the kerbal can jump higher than his spaceship (he's NOT using his rocket backpack there).