Divergence Meter Project


Parts Lists

This page has parts and sources listed for components needed to build my Divergence Meter. Some of the parts are actual functioning electronics, while others are dummy components for mounting on top of the case. There is also a list of parts needed to build the case itself.


Parts I Have For Sale:

I have some of the parts required to build the Divergence Meter for sale. I'm not a business... I'm just willing to help out my fellow fans by supplying some of these special parts. I will do my best to respond and ship in a timely manner.

SOLD OUT: Printed Circuit Boards -- A set of the two required boards (main board and IN-14 tube board). Price: $50.00 (These are double-sided boards with plated-through holes, solder masks on top and bottom, and top silk screen layer)

Pre-programmed processor chip PIC16F628A. Price: $3.00

SOLD OUT: Aluminum pieces for case. Price: $3.80
(Two of each: Aluminum Sheet 0.032 thick, 1 1/4" x 7 1/8" side pieces, and 1 1/4" x 1 7/8" end pieces.)
(If you order the aluminum pieces for the case, I'll throw in a ~6-inch length of the plastic angle stock needed for the corner pieces of the case at no charge...since I had to buy rather a lot more of it than I needed.

Cost of shipping is extra:

I generally ship via Priority Mail in a USPS box.

I will ship to other countries, but you will need to tell me if you want your items sent by some slow cheap method, or by some faster more expensive method, and then I will look into the cost.

I will accept payment to my personal PAYPAL account:

Contact me via email at tomtitor@mindspring.com and let me know which of the above parts you want and your address. I'll send a return email with payment information (don't send payment using the tomtitor email address, since that is not my PAYPAL address).

These parts do not come with instructions. These Web pages are the instructions for building the device. Also, if you have an questions, ask me via email: tomtitor@mindspring.com


The other parts you need to build a Divergence Meter are listed below, with sources indicated:


Actual Electronics

Quantity Description Part Number Source
1 Main Printed Circuit Board I have some of the full-up boards (with solder masks on top & bottom sides, silk screen layer on top), and can sell you a set of the two boards needed for $50, plus shipping.
1 Tube Printed Circuit Board

U3: PIC16F628A processor
(If you have no way to program the processor chip, I can program one for you. See above.)


or 579-PIC16F628A-I/P

mouser.com $2.23

U1: LM7805 1A 5V regulator TO-220

(Also get a short machine screw and nut that fits the TO-220 mounting hole to hold it to the board. From hardware store.)

512-LM7805CT mouser.com $0.54
1 D1: 1N4007 512-1N4007 mouser.com $0.09
1 Fuse 0.8A 5mm x 20mm 504-BK/S500-800-R mouser.com $0.21
2 Fuse Holder Clips 534-3519 mouser.com $0.13 each
1 J2: DC Power Jack 2.5mm 806-KLDX-0202-B mouser.com $0.66
1 X2: Crystal 32.768 KHz 12.5 pF 20ppm* 559-NC38-LF mouser.com $0.63
1 U4: DS1307+ Real Time Clock* 700-DS1307 mouser.com $4.03
1 U2: 1364 High Voltage Power Supply 1364 HVPS-H tayloredge.com $13.95 (price includes shipping cost)
1 C2: 330uF Electrolytic Capacitor   (comes with 1364 HVPS-H)
3 U5, U6, U7: Supertex Serial to Parallel Converters 220V 32Ch Open Drain Outputs. Get the PQFP-44 package! 689-HV5622PG-G mouser.com $7.51 each
8 IN-14 Nixie Tubes (Soviet manufacture. No longer produced, but still readily available.) I recommend getting tubes that are "New Old Stock" and "guaranteed tested" (or test them yourself before you install them) Look for these on eBay. They can typically be found for under $10 each.
1 C1: 33uF Electrolytic Capacitor 140-RGA330M1EBK0511G mouser.com $0.08
5 C3, C4*, C7, C8, C9: 0.1uF Capacitor MLCC

(This was out of stock for somebody. Something like 810-FK18Y5V1H104Z should also work fine.)

mouser.com $0.21
5 R1, R2, R3, R4, R32: 10K Resistor 660-CF1/4C103J mouser.com $0.15 each
1 R31: 470K Resistor 660-CF1/4C474J mouser.com $0.15
8 R7, R8, R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14: 33K Resistors (current limiting resistors for nixies) 271-33K-RC mouser.com $0.09 each
16 R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20, R21, R22, R23, R24, R25, R26, R27, R28, R29, R30: 243K Resistor (current limiting resistors for decimal point cathodes) 271-243K-RC mouser.com $0.09 each
1 R5: Trimmer Resistor 100K Sealed 6mm Square 12-turn 81-PV37W104C01B00 mouser.com $2.35

J1 (8 pins), J3 (6 pins), and three 2-pin headers are cut apart from:

Mil-Max 64 PIN HEADER 2.54mm spacing

575-010064 mouser.com $8.85

J1 (8 position) and three 2-position sockets are cut apart from:

Mil-Max 50 PIN SOCKET 2.54mm spacing

575-093050 mouser.com $8.39
1 18-pin DIP Socket for U3


mouser.com $0.22
1 Battery Holder for B1 534-103 mouser.com $1.50
1 B1: CR2032 3V Lithium coin cell 658-CR2032 mouser.com $0.45
2 SW1, SW2: Micro miniature tactile switch 655-FSMRA4JH mouser.com $0.25 each
1 SW3: Slide Switch SPDT Right-Angle PC mount


(if that's out of stock,
633-MS12ASG30-RO will also fit, but it's $4.37)

mouser.com $2.92
1 9V Battery Snap Connector 270-324 radioshack ($2.99 for pk. of 5)
1 D2: LED T-1 3mm (optional)


or 604-WP710A10YD

mouser.com $0.13
1 R6: 270 Ohm (optional) 660-CF1/4C271J mouser.com $0.15

Power Adapter 9V, with tip to match J2 jack listed above. I bought: Velleman Compact Universal DC Adapter Power Supply.

The tip that matches power jack J2 has a 2.5mm inside contact diameter, and a 5.5mm outside diameter, with the +9 volts on the center contact and Ground on the barrel.

PSSMV1USA amazon.com $18.25

*Note: For the DS3232 option, these parts are not needed (see the DS3232 Option page).

*Note: Parts X1, C5, and C6 marked on the printed circuit boards are not used (they were there in case I wanted to use a faster external oscillator for the processor...but the PIC's internal processor turned out to be fast enough).

(That's about $96.00 for the electronic parts, plus $50.00 for the printed circuit boards, plus probably something under $80.00 for the nixie tubes, depending how good a deal you find on eBay. So about $226.00 so far.)


Dummy Components

Quantity Description Part Number Source
9 Black Electrolytic Capacitors, 5mm diameter by 11mm long 647-UPW1A220MDD mouser.com $0.20 each
1 Supercapacitor (lower-left part of board) 598-EDLF473A5R5C mouser.com $2.45
1 Ceramic Disc Capacitor, ~4mm dia. 272-0126 radioshack ($1.89 for 2)
2 IC 14-pin DIP (any chip this size is fine...I used what I had lying around...the part numbers here are the cheapest chips I found at Mouser.com). These go behind the tubes.


or 771-HEF4094BP652

mouser.com $0.18
1 TO-220 package device (I can't tell for sure what component is back there, so I stuck this in. I like the look of the all-plastic TO-220FP package here, but a metal-tabbed device is fine, too.)

511-L7809CP or 511-L7805CP

mouser.com $0.52
1 Small Diode. DO-41 package. 512-1N4007 mouser.com $0.09
7 Beige Resistors, 1/4 watt. I used 11K. 660-CF1/4C113J mouser.com $0.15 each
5 Blue Resistors, 1/4 watt, metal film 1% (those are blue ones). I used 27.4K 660-MF1/4CC2742F mouser.com $0.14 each
4 Yellow Capacitors... Well, I couldn't find nice yellow capacitors of the correct shape. You may have to spray paint some. Mouser 667-ECQ-V1H273JL2 might be a bit large. Mouser 810-FK20X7R1H684K might be a bit small. Mouser 647-QYX1H102JTP3TA are actually yellow, but taller than we want.

(Another $9.50 or so for the dummy electronics parts on the top of the case, depending on cost of yellow capacitors.)


Parts for the Case

Quantity Description Part Number Source

Perf board for top and bottom pieces.
Cut two pieces: 7 1/4 x 2 1/16

574-169P59XXXP mouser.com $16.54

1/16 Styrene sheet plastic for bottom.
Cut one piece: 7 1/4 x 2 1/16

Made by Evergreen Scale Models Purchased at a hobby store
2 Aluminum Sheet 0.032 thick:
Width:1 1/4", Length:7 1/8"
  I had these pieces of aluminum cut at a metal shop, and have some extras for sale.
2 Aluminum Sheet 0.032 thick:
Width:1 1/4", Length:1 7/8")

Hardwood corner posts 1/4" x 3/16" x 1 1/4" long. I used some Walnut I had on hand.

NOTE: Alternate case construction uses hex standoffs as corner posts (see parts below)*

Made by Midwest Products Purchased at a hobby store
1 1/16" basswood for spacers when mounting tube pc board to top of case. Made by Midwest Products Purchased at a hobby store

Plastruct Styrene Angle 3/16"
Need to cut 4 pieces 1 1/4" long; paint silver.

90505 I ordered it from towerhobbies.com ($5.49 for five 24" long pieces)
6 HEX STANDOFF 3/8 length 4-40 male/female 761-4503-440-AL-7 mouser.com $0.40 each
4 4-40 Pan Head Machine Screws 3/8" long, to hold the bottom on.   hardware store
16 0-80 x 1/8" Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws to decorate the corners   Purchased 100 of these from Amazon.com

*Alternate parts for case construction method 2 (which I recommend):

4 Female Hex Standoff, 3/4" Length, 4-40 761-2061-440-AL-7 Mouser.com $0.33 each
4 Male/Female Hex Standoff, 1/2" Length, 4-40 761-4505-440-AL-7 Mouser.com $0.42 each

(Assuming case construction method #2, and a handy hobby shop for basswood and styrene...more if you have to order it... and the parts for the case are about $45.)


So that's about $280.00 dollars in parts for the divergence meter. Of course, you had to buy more than you needed of some items (such as the perf board, headers, sockets, basswood, styrene, 9V connectors, etc.), so you have extra parts to make your second one a bit cheaper.

Of course, the official Steins;Gate Divergence Meter Replica sells for $750 to $790... and doesn't even LOOK like the divergence meter in the anime.




--"Tom Titor" of /a/